Cali Tiger

Timeless Bundle

$135.50 $271.00

Our Timeless Bundle is the perfect gift to get all your jewellery bases covered with pieces that stand the test of time.

* Zelda Chain Necklace $65

* Aria Chain Necklace $59

* Fia Hoops $56

* Bijou Hoops $56

* Aimee Ring $53

* Nova Ring $53

*Lucia Bracelet $50

* Elina Cuff $50

* $100 Cali Tiger Gift Card Bonus.

All orders are packed with our Famous Silk Lined Sun Lovers Box. By choosing to buy a bundle you save 50% and a $100 gift card automatically sent with your order. Please note this is a one time only promotion Cali Tiger is not responsible for any regret you may have in NOT claiming.


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